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Teddy Crepineau

Campaign Analyst

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Teddy. I am a Campaign Analyst for Viant Inc - an ad network owned by Time Inc. There, I manage and optimize online advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. If you want to find out more about me, click on the button below!

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Main Skills

From my current and past experiences, I have developed specialized skills in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and marketing research.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Strategy, Brand Strategy, etc.

Marketing Research

Market Analysis, Quantitative and Qualitative Study, Value Chain Analysis, Market Segmentation, etc.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Content Management, Online Advertising, etc.

I Also Do Freelance Work

I help businesses with their graphic design (stationeries, banners, signages, etc.) and their web design projects (website design, website development, etc.). If you are interested, hit the button below and request a FREE quote.

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